Thursday, October 17, 2013

Article Response Regarding Alcoholism and Sexism

I'm posting this here because the site this article appears on is taking its sweet time loading my comment. This would have made a great article about the hazards of alcoholic culture and the responsibility OF EVERYONE to be responsible, but the author has put this responsibility squarely on women with hardly a passing glance at the men. It doesn't matter how many times you say you aren't victim blaming. Holding women to a different standard of life style is what ultimately lets this kind of stigma continue. This premise is why women feel ashamed, even though they aren't the only ones engaging in this behavior. There are a lot of things women can do to "prevent" sexual assault. Not going to work, never leaving the house unaccompanied, and covering themselves head-to-toe are among these. In fact, these are the standard in many places around the world and throughout history - a cultural phenomenon that we are just now overcoming in this part of the world. The slant of this article shows a fear to address the real problem - that sexual assailants need to be held responsible for their actions, even if it is easier to put the responsibility on potential victims. 

Here is the article to which this is a response:

And here is a pretty good response to that article:

Not sure about that last comment on restraint "trickling down" to the women, but the whole article is in answer to the last one so it can be taken in reference to that.

Edit:  I have written a continuation to this post based on subsequent responses -

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