Monday, August 19, 2013

The Nesting Doll Chores Trap

Happy Monday, Blogger world!

I intended to do some serious Cafepress housekeeping today.  I did work on my Cafepress, but mostly in the way of adding new products.  It wasn't nothing, in fact I got a lot of work done, just not the work I intended.  This brings to mind a blog post I read just today by a promising young blogger, which I will link to here:

This practical-procrastination thing might be a good way to deal with one of my least favorite chores/work day conundrums - something I call The Nesting Doll Chores Trap.  This is when a task looks small, but leads to one extra job, then another, then another, and so on until you just spent half your day on this string of chores all in the name of getting one thing crossed off your to-do list.

Example:  I go to put something in the compost.  The compost is full, so I have to empty it out.  Then I realize I'm out of compost box liners, so I get more of those.  I do groceries at the same time, because I have to do that anyway.  Ultimately, putting something in the compost took 2 hours.

I've run into a version of that in my Cafepress chores.  I wanted to pare down the extra things in my shops, but first I must organizing my shops so I can keep track of what I've sold (so I don't delete any of those things).  Organizing my shop has lead to having to open other shops because I've run up against the limit of how many sections I can have in a shop, not to mention the fact that going through my shops is making me noticing everything else that's missing/needs doing my shops.

Obviously these things can manifest any way.  Want to do a quick repair job?  A missing part leads to a trip to the hardware store, right after a trip to the bank, then leads to another trip to another hardware store if they don't have what you need, leads to a trip to the gas station because of all the driving around (or a trip to the corner store to get more bus tickets), etc...

There are ways of minimizing these repercussions.  Only go to the grocery store for the compost bucket liners, or save the compost run for later.  Prioritizing can feel a lot like procrastination when you've got more of a to-do-list than you can realistically do in a day.  For me, it's gotten to the point where everything feels like procrastination, because everything ultimately 'needs' doing.  I'd love to take the time to do a good job on things, and sometimes I can manage that.  But the longer I take, the less worthwhile it seems.  This goes double for things I don't get paid for - mainly cleaning.  It doesn't matter how good a job I do, nobody's going to pay me to clean my own home.  It's still important, but not as urgent as the growing vacuum in my bank account.  Perhaps if I alternate between job hunting, cleaning my place, and working on something I actually want to work on, I'll feel like something got done in the end...:/

Anyway, that's my thought for the day.  Thanks for reading!  'Till next time...

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