Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not finished yet....

Good evening/morning/day blogger world :)!

I had to put my picture-within-picture project on hold for longer than I would have liked, but I haven't given up yet!  Hence how this posting is a double feature - pictures for January 28th and 29th, which I actually feel pretty good about.   I used a sketch from the life drawing session I went to on the 28th as part of my design for the 28th, but the rest of that one and the next one were done this evening.  We'll see how fast I can get caught up :P.

I've been busy trying to attain employment such as will allow me to stop going broke, which is why I've gotten so behind.  Haven't given up on that either, but I had to do a little project in the process of chasing after this one job, which I actually feel somewhat optimistic about.  More optimistic than I've felt about a job opportunity in a while, at least.  In the meantime, residual income does find its way to me through Cafepress, and other sources occasionally.  I'm still going broke, but it's happening slowly.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day (depending on how you feel about this holiday, I suppose), I've made a new mug design.  I made the original heart design a while ago, a combination of pen work and Photoshop colouring, and I was thinking it would look so good on a black mug.  Then I realized I could put more than one on a mug, like this:

3 Beating Hearts Mug Design by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Or like this:

2 Beating Hearts Mug Design by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Both of these designs are now available on mugs through my Deviantart print shop (holy shameless self promotion, Batman! :D).   I should mention that the original singular version is available too, as mugs and other items :).

Inkblot Beating Heart by ~Eseopia on deviantART

So now that I've plugged this design to within an inch of its life, I think I should wrap this up.  I feel kind of proud of this one, in case you hadn't guessed ^_^.  Hopefully I'll bring you two more nested pictures next posting  Catching up slowly but surely.....

Later blogger world!

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