Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch Up and Job Hunt

Good Day, Blogger world!

(I started this entry a while ago, so bear with me.  Most of it was written earlier today, and only edited just now.)

I actually just got back from Cayo Coco, Cuba.  Hadn't counted on having zero internet access for most of the week, so I am REALLY playing catch up now.  At this particular moment in time, I have gotten caught up on another online job application process.  Wasn't the first thing on my to-do list, but I have to grab these things as they go by.

Job application in the digital age is always more time-consuming than you think - kind of a series of nesting-doll steps, where you don't know where or when the process will end.  Time was you just passed in a resume.  These days you have to create a site profile just to apply to work in a store.  That's how this all started.  I saw the ad on Facebook:  The Home Depot, looking for workers.  Sounds not bad.  I go to the site, from which I can apply to any Home Depot in the country. With some business you can apply to locations in other countries, but I guess The Home Depot is more of a down home type of outfit.

At first it looked pretty straight forward:  Create a profile, upload a resume, write a little cover letter...discover my references list is crooked because one 'tab' is off, even though I've corrected it repeatedly >_<.  Hit back, find that the information I entered just now has disappeared, (had intended to copy the fresh new cover letter I was typing, so of course that didn't happen), get frustrated, give up, go back to the resume screen, submit it as is and hope the original cover letter made it too....I'm currently at the part where the "machine" has tried (unsuccessfully), to fill in my work history from my resume.  This might take longer than I thought.

Now I've gotten to the "Education" section.  Better try on the part of the machine.  I must fill in the name of the institution, then the "Subject or Area of Study", "Qualification", and grad year.  The term "Qualification" threw me just a bit.  The machine had chosen the word "BACHELOR" for this slot.  Just "BACHELOR".  So I'm going to assume they mean the qualification I achieved (ie, what I earned).  Sometimes you have to interpret.  I think they'll understand, though sometimes I wonder if there's any "they" to "understand".  The way the machine has interpreted my resume, I must think (and hope) that there is.

There is the constant reminder that by pressing "next" I am submitting the Home Depot Privacy Policy.  That's another potential time sink - the Terms and Conditions, followed by the Privacy Policy.  I generally give these a look, but not much more.  It is ever so slightly infuriating when certain sites (so far not this one) feel the need to tell you that you "MUST" read these terms to know what you're agreeing to.  Terms that could easily take at least an hour to read.  Terms not designed for the human mind to take in and process in one, two or even three tries.  There must actually be that many people out there looking for a loop hole, or else we are all just hopelessly entangled in a web of fine print.  In the meantime, I have a job to apply for.

OK, on too...a questionaire.   What kind of employment am I seeking.  Full Time, Part Time, Temporary/Contract, or "Flexible".  Since I can only choose one, I'm taking a chance on "Flexible".  I'm hoping this is similar to "All of the above", because I'd like to keep my options open.  Now they want to know how effective their recruitment techniques are.  How did I hear about this job?  The list is lengthy - The Home Depot is not one to be left out of the loop.  They have a list of possibilities beginning with "Online".  "Online - JobBoom.com", "Online - Monster.ca", "Online - Workopolis",...I'll have to go with "Online - Other (banner, ad, adword)".  OK, almost done, I think.  Yes, I do, once again, consent to the Privacy Policy.

"Please Answer a few additional questions".

It's a survey, and it's optional.  *Procrastinates on Deviantart*

I'll bite.  It's an equal opportunity survey.  Questions pertaining to my gender, ethnic background, whether I am disabled or otherwise challenged... and that's it.  Short, which is nice.

Overall, the Home Depot application process was not bad.  They have me on file now, so hopefully that'll make other applications easier.

The new job market can be by turns amusing and infuriating.  It's convenient to be able to do some much online, but harder to know where one's information is going.  Some of the recruitment techniques out there seem a little extreme, like the veritable psych test that began the last Chapters/Indigo/Smithbooks application I filled out.  Then there are those ads that are big on pep talks but never quite get around to telling you things like the name of the company or what, specifically, the job is.  These are just some of the things I get to thinking about while on the hunt for additional income.

Well, this ended up being a long one.  Thanks for reading to the end, and for visiting my humble blog :).  Later Blogger world!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Space Jam

Just finished 2 more entries for my year of pictures and I'm abuzz with the exhiliration :)!  Well, exhiliration and stress - equal parts.  I also just discovered how stupid easy it is to move pictures around on this blog :P!  I learn something new every day.

I saw the performance of Chris Hadfield, Ed Robertson, and the Wexford Gleeks on video this morning.  Obviously it was cool, but I hadn't expected to like the song as much as I did.  I was into the inspiration and the wonder of it all to a degree that I hadn't expected. (Just heard they're just about to air it on CBC radio 2, which I'm listening to at this moment). Here's the link to that if you haven't seen it yet:

Premiere of ISS Is Somebody Singing

I liked the part of the song where they reference how outer space exploration had its roots in conflict, but now we're all in it together, with so many different nations represented at the Space Station.  Just started following Chris Hadfield on twitter, and it's fun to see what he tweets, as you may have heard.  Awful good of him to share this with us all ^_^.

I think I'll make this a short one today - or is it already long?  Either way, glad to have the last of the January pics posted - and only 8 days into February ^_^.  Hopefully I can pick up the pace a little more after this.  I'll have to get snowed in with my drawing implements.

Later blogger world!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not finished yet....

Good evening/morning/day blogger world :)!

I had to put my picture-within-picture project on hold for longer than I would have liked, but I haven't given up yet!  Hence how this posting is a double feature - pictures for January 28th and 29th, which I actually feel pretty good about.   I used a sketch from the life drawing session I went to on the 28th as part of my design for the 28th, but the rest of that one and the next one were done this evening.  We'll see how fast I can get caught up :P.

I've been busy trying to attain employment such as will allow me to stop going broke, which is why I've gotten so behind.  Haven't given up on that either, but I had to do a little project in the process of chasing after this one job, which I actually feel somewhat optimistic about.  More optimistic than I've felt about a job opportunity in a while, at least.  In the meantime, residual income does find its way to me through Cafepress, and other sources occasionally.  I'm still going broke, but it's happening slowly.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day (depending on how you feel about this holiday, I suppose), I've made a new mug design.  I made the original heart design a while ago, a combination of pen work and Photoshop colouring, and I was thinking it would look so good on a black mug.  Then I realized I could put more than one on a mug, like this:

3 Beating Hearts Mug Design by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Or like this:

2 Beating Hearts Mug Design by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Both of these designs are now available on mugs through my Deviantart print shop (holy shameless self promotion, Batman! :D).   I should mention that the original singular version is available too, as mugs and other items :).

Inkblot Beating Heart by ~Eseopia on deviantART

So now that I've plugged this design to within an inch of its life, I think I should wrap this up.  I feel kind of proud of this one, in case you hadn't guessed ^_^.  Hopefully I'll bring you two more nested pictures next posting  Catching up slowly but surely.....

Later blogger world!