Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing Catch-up and Fighting Zombies

Good day blogger world!

Still playing catch-up, though the fact that I have this picture up this early in the afternoon means I'm making progress.  We'll see how fast I can get yesterdays drawn up and posted....

I'm between commitments at the moment, having gone to a promising job interview and being as I am now anticipating going to a free workshop this evening.  Here, I will learn the art empty-handed self-defense against the scourge of the undead.  You read right - I'm going to an anti-zombie defense workshop :).  Here's an idea of the material we'll be learning:

There's a related twitter feed too:  https://twitter.com/zombiedefend101

So that will be my evening :).  I think I'll make this a short & sweet update so I can play a little more catch-up.  'Till next time, blogger world!

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