Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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(Started at an earlier date)

Hello blogger world!

     Just got in from some errand running.  There were some guys canvassing for Plan Canada on my way.  I almost walked by, but I stopped to hear what one of them had to say.  He gave the charity speal as best he could, but I think it was a bit of an ordeal for him, being put on the spot like that (probably having been passed by for most of the day).  I'd have felt the same way, and honestly I might have done us both a favor by walking on by.  I haven't been in a financial position to make many charitable donations lately.  He didn't ask for any donations up front - just gave me some information.  If you're curious, here is the Plan Canada website URL he gave me:

While I generally think it's a good thing, the subject of charity brings up a lot of mixed feelings for me.  In a way I depend on it myself, as I've been earning little enough lately that I don't pay taxes :/.  NOT looking to stay that way, but I'm grateful for every break I get.  Giving coins to panhandlers on the street is a real source of mixed feelings because I never truly know where the money goes.  I don't doubt I've helped prolong somebody's drug problem, but then I may also have helped pay for somebody's baby formula.  True story, I actually had a panhandler (politely) refuse my offer of a handful of pennies.  Seems my own lack of funds has become conspicuous :S.  My own parents weren't that well off when they had me.  Mom once described how my father's aunt's donation of 20 bucks was the lucky break she needed to buy a milk pump to feed the baby (me).  Things got better over the next few years, and my childhood ended up being pretty ideal.

(Fast forward a few days)

I wasn't sure how to end that last part.  I guess I wasn't reaching a conclusion so much as sussing out a situation.  I'm still getting by, myself.  I'm listening to a song on CBC Radio 2 about this guy who walks by this guy on the street selling colourful pencils every day.  "Hey Hollywood, wanna buy a pencil?" is the refrain. I'll have to look that up sometime - it's a little  neat story/song.  "Hey Hollywood" that's the name. Billy Joe something.....Time and again I think of where I might sell my own wares.  Seems like I ought to have started doing that by now.  I've been making some residual income through Cafepress at least.

(Fast forward to present day)

I apologize for the disjointedness of this post.  As a consolation, here is my latest deviantART posting:

Ink Scratch Octopus 1 by ~Eseopia on deviantART

This is actually only half of the original drawing, mirrored.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I'm pleased with myself if anything turns out these days.  I've found it a little big harder to make art these days, or to concentrate on anything that isn't going to make me money immediately.  I spend a lot of time perusing job listings, and working on my Cafepress.  That sounds kind of bleak when I write it out, but lets not think that way, shall we?  I still manage to make art, and apply for jobs, and do the other things in life that need doing.  The keeping going is what needs doing, in the end.  If you can keep going, it's not nothing.

It is high time I wrapped this entry up.  'Till next time, world!  

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