Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art and Dance (plus an impromptu lament for my favourite TV show)

Good Day, Blogger world!  

     I've got today mostly free, for which I am thankful.  Once again, it's been a while.  I've been keeping on.  Got a few things to share with you:  

These were works I got done on Remembrance Day as well.  Always glad to have time to make art.  I felt like doing more dance-themed work, especially now that I'm having fun with the expressive potential of ink again.  I've been doing a bit of crafting too:  

This is a partially finished coin belt I'm making, hopefully to try out in belly dance class :).  It's a combination of crochet, chain mail, and even a bit of beading with the bells and coins.  If it works out well, I may have to make more.  I've actually been collecting the coins that fall on the floor from other coin belts during the course of the classes, which is where all the coins you see on this belt came from.  Anything to save a few dollars ;).  

     Dance has been a major inspiration for me.  I started when I was 16, and I've tried a few different styles.  Belly Dance has been my favourite, but jazz and ballet classes have also been really good for me.  I like capturing motion and energy in my work, so going through those motions helps a lot.  But beyond that, I just find it beautiful and inspirational.  I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and America's Best Dance Crew - and I'm still not over the cancellation of So You Think You Can Dance Canada ;_;.  Of course the finale of the last season would have to land right on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, when so many people would be too preoccupied (rightfully so, of course) to tune in >_<.  It just seems so needless to scrap it then.  It's nice to see some of the Canadian choreographers on the American show, at least (heck, they were there before SYTYCD Canada existed).  Anyway, I could go on, but that's not what this blog is about.  

    Dance is a beautiful thing.  That it is connected with music brings together my 3 favourite forms of creative expression.  I've often thought of music as a form of magic.  Few things stir up the emotions and imagination quite as powerfully, and dance is evidence of that.  If I can bring that to my work, all the better.  I try to keep a good balance of dance, music, and visual art in my life (and craft, which I tend to think of as visual art too).  They're good for the soul, and the mind for that matter.  Dance has the added advantage of being good for the body.  That's why it was such a good thing for Canada to have its own SYTYCD >_<.  And I'm at it again.  Sorry!  

    That is all for now.  Glad to have made it back here again, and hopefully I'll be returning before too long (lets say a matter of days rather than weeks).  Until next time, Blogger world :)!  

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