Monday, October 22, 2012

I am an (artistic) anxiety machine O_o!

    Just give me a few crossed wires, a little pressure, work that requires speed and accuracy combined, some verbal cues to over-analyze, and off I go!  You'd think after a while it'd just become white noise.....But no.  How is it that I keep putting myself in jobs that require speed and accuracy?  Not deadline speed, but spur of the moment speed.  On the plus side, having an extra job means I have a little more freedom to look for a job that fits me a little better.  In theory I have the skills and experience to do this job, but efficiency has been a problem in the past.  Hopefully I'll get faster as I get used to it - more hopefully, I'll find a job that fits me better.  I've got a job that fits me just fine, in addition.  That's why I'm hanging on to the 2 shifts/week I'm getting from that one.

    On the online front, I made another cafepress sale today :)!  2 of them in fact (2 different greeting cards) - first time in a while.  Seems to happen every time I go into an extended frenzy of uploading - and it's almost never any of the things I upload O_o.  Perhaps seeing my new items, customers also see some of my older stuff go by.  Hey, I'm happy with that :).  I also made an order of swatches to Spoonflower, so hopefully I'll have a lot more designs in my shop after that arrives.  My exploration of Spoonflower has lead to one entry for my hitherto hypothetical list of dream jobs:  Fabric print designer.  I'd love to just make the designs, get paid royalties for them, and see them put on fabric to be made into all kinds of things by people all around the world.  I'll have to develop this list.

And now, since you've been so patient, I have new work to show you :).  Actually it's recent work colourized in Photoshop, but I feel really good about it:

Art Minis - Dragon I in Colour by ~Eseopia on deviantART

It is available on items in my Deviantart Printshop, and in my Cafepress. 

That is all for now.  Thank's for visiting today, and come back soon :)!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life Shift

Good day Blogger world!

I hope you'll forgive me for being a negligent blogger.  I've had a bit of a shift going on in my life.  Moving into a new place - first time actually living in my own place.  Also a new job.  I do clothing alterations now.  It's daunting, but there are a few things I'm good at here.  I've been in survival mode for a lot of this.  Hopefully I'll have the energy to do more than just survive before too long.  

Not to say I haven't gotten any new art done.  Here are a few that I feel pretty good about:  

At least I know there's something I can still do while running on empty.  For some reason, drawing fits into that category.  Pen and ink, to be exact.  They can stain things something awful, but there's no dust to clean up, and pens are nice and portable.  

This is my offering for today.  Hoping to bring you something more substantial in future days.  Later world!