Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just Keep Blogging

Good day, Blogger world!

Getting the blog postings out has been a little bit harder of late.  Could be because I'll be moving soon.  There's never been enough time in the day for everything anyway, but there's a little more pressure under these circumstances.  Still, I have a few things to show.....

These are some smaller ink drawings I've been doing.  Pre-work for work I want to sell on Etsy.  All of these are available as Prints on Deviantart.

Art Minis - Angel I by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Art Minis - Dragon I by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Art Minis - Raven I by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Art Minis - Scorpion I by ~Eseopia on deviantART

I have in fact posted a couple of items on my Etsy already.  Yes, I finally worked up the guts to try selling on Etsy.  Here's hoping something comes of it :).  This is what I've got so far:

This is my "Etsy Mini" - a widget that I can paste here, or on my website.  I do so like widgets ^_^.  The prospect of moving has made the need to get my art career moving that much more real to me.  I am hoping it will help, having my own space in which to conduct my practice.  At the moment, I'm utterly distracted by the moving process.  At least I'm not so distracted that I just can't make art.  Until next time, Blogger world!

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