Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello again, blogger world!

Been away longer than I expected. Partially due to the new job. Came back to Tim Horton's, after 9 years and a BFA. Getting used to it relatively fast. The cash flow should look good once my first pay cheque is in the bank. I've already got a surplus of coinage thanks to tips. Alright, I am hoping for something better. Still looking. Got an interview at another place that I'm excited about. Dance-related too. I've been dancing for some years now, and a job in the field would add that little touch of legitimacy to all those years of dance classes.

In other news, I have still been able to get some artmaking done. Art marketing too, in fact. The Seeds gallery just accepted 5 of my hand painted silk/cotton blend scarves, which I'm extra excited about :). Wonderful little art shop, that. Hoping this goes well. 'Twould get me that much closer to financial self-sufficiency.

Financial independance is a funny thing for an artist. What looks like a very expensive hobby on the outside is actually a career with a whole lot of overhead. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of how to work with it. Sometimes I'm not sure if the job on the side helps or hinders. It doesn't help me save time, but it keeps my practice funded. Having a gallery job, or something like that (which I have, for 2 days of the week at least), is at least additional industry experience. For now, all I can do is keep on keeping on.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back again before too long. Later blogger world!

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