Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tumbling thoughts, and the highlight of my year :).

Good day again, Blogger world!

I have so many things bouncing around in my head right now. Ideas, things to do, things I need to do.....That I needed to update my blog was one of them, so I will start with this.

This week was good. Really good, starting on Thursday, when one of my peeps on the Evan Lysacek fan forum brought this to my attention:

Evan Lysacek on WhoSay


We had all sent birthday greetings to him. I did up a home made card with one of my drawings printed on it - one I really liked, and I hoped he would like too. Seriously, what a cool guy! I felt like it was MY birthday all over again. Total high for the rest of the day! ^_^

BTW, here is a clearer picture of the drawing, uploaded to my deviantart:

Roxanne 2 by ~Eseopia on deviantART

This really is encouraging. To get appreciation like that - it's special. It comes very timely. I've been trying to breathe life into my art career, especially now that shifts are hard to come by. Sometimes it feels like I'm in the perfect position to head on my ideal life's path - but without much tangible payoff as yet, it's easy to feel the pressure. I'll just have to keep doing working and making art, try to make at least quasi-sensible choices, and keep a good outlook. At least that last part just got a little easier :).

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