Friday, June 1, 2012

Purple fingers (fun with dye and silk paint)

Good day, blogger world!

I'm currently blogging at the kitchen table, while my newly dyed spainish skirt hangs on the line outside. It's a perfect medium royal purple (except for one spot of fushia that I've noticed so far :/). I pretty much spent yesterday doing dye work of one sort or another. If all of this works out, I'll have a nice new skirt and 2 more or less similarly coloured silk veils :P.

I’ve been experimenting with silk painting for a little while now. I love the possibilities of it, especially since I studied both painting and textiles in college. A little on the unpredictable side, but the unexpected is often beautiful. It acts almost like tie-dye, especially if you add some water. I’m looking forward to understanding the different ways of applying silk paint as I go. I’ve read you can use salt to create interesting effects (haven't tried that yet), and there’s Gutta for resist painting (have tried a little, but not on this project). Here are some pics of what I've been doing so far:

There've been a few setbacks, like discovering just how delicate silk is.

This happened because the braces I was using (this particular frame was meant for quilting) poked into the silk too hard. May have to figure out a different stretcher for this, although there are ways to avoid damage if I'm carefull. On the plus side, my darning skills are getting better :P.

That's where I am right now. Glad to have gotten this second post up, hoping it'll get better as I go. Later blog world!

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